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Jenna Tso Food Allergy Coaching & Consulting

Food allergy coaching, food allergy mental health posts, allergy-friendly recipes, & more!


Food Allergy Coaching

I offer virtual food allergy coaching services to individuals with allergies, families with allergies, and caregivers of children with allergies. Our coaching sessions are tailored to your needs are include assessing strengths and weaknesses, identifying and setting realistic goals, and practicing skills to assist you with achieving your goals. As a reminder, coaching is not a substitute for therapy, but can be a great tool utilized alongside it to enhance confidence in managing food allergies. I offer free 20-minute, no obligation consultations for anyone who is interested in learning more.

Click here to book your free consultation with me!

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I offer food allergy & mental health consulting for clinics, agencies, schools, and organizations. As a social worker and an adult born with severe food allergies, I have a unique combination of lived experience and clinical knowledge that enhances my awareness of the intersection between food allergies and mental health.

I am excited work with you or your agency to conduct food allergy trainings with all age groups, workshops on the psychosocial impact of food allergies, and strategize how I can use my expertise in the food allergy mental health field to best serve you. 

If you are interested in connecting with me for a free consultation, please drop me a line here!

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Listen to Me on the Oh My Allergies Podcast!

Can an Anaphylactic Allergic Reaction Cause Anxiety? With Jenna Tso

September 22, 2020

I got to chat with Valencia Barnes from the Oh My Allergies podcast about my allergy journey and the mental health consequences of allergies. Check it out here!



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