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Allergy-Friendly Guide to Palm Springs

When I was looking for a last-minute place to do a girls trip to, Palm Springs immediately came to mind. Living in LA, I had always heard people rave about how Palm Springs was a great place to vacation to for its amazing hotels, restaurants, drag shows, and vintage shopping. I was looking for a fun place to vacation to with one of my best friends that was relaxing, not too far from LA, and relatively affordable. Palm Springs checked all of those boxes!

But, I was a little concerned about the food situation given my allergies to milk, eggs, beef, and pork. My friend and I wanted to stay at a hotel to get all the amenities, but hotel food is notoriously not allergy-friendly and hotel rooms are usually limited in their cooking capacities with most lacking even a microwave. So, I got to researching and ended up finding a lot of wonderful allergy-friendly restaurants I was able to enjoy while I was there! My friend and I had a great time so if you're interested in reading about our itinerary and all the allergy-friendly spots we hit up in Palm Springs, keep reading! If you'd like to read more detailed reviews on each restaurant, be sure to check out my reviews on the Spokin app (username: jennatso8)!


Day 1

  • Checked in at the Ace Hotel & Swim Club at 3:00PM.

This hotel is more affordable than other hotels in the area and was safe, clean, had two beautiful pools and a large outdoor area to explore, and cute mid-century modern rooms. I'd highly recommend it for girls trips, couples, and adult getaways! Definitely more of a young adult vibe, not so kid-friendly.

  • Swam and read by the pool.

  • Got ready and picked up dinner from Chef Tanya's Kitchen, a Black-owned vegan restaurant only a few minutes away from the hotel in Palm Springs. We then brought dinner back to the hotel and ate in one of the outdoor patio spaces!

Chef Tanya's Kitchen is not only a restaurant, but it is also a vegan market and deli with lots of fun products and grab-and-go items! This place is not only 100% free of milk and egg products, but it also has lots of gluten-free options as well. I ended up stocking up so that I would have ready-to-go meals in our hotel room mini fridge.

Look at all those grab-and-go options! I wanted to try everything!

I got the Guadalajara Burger for dinner this night--so good!

Day 2

  • Picked up breakfast from Palm Greens Cafe, a restaurant with tons of dairy-free, vegan, gluten-free, and nut-free options.

  • Spent the day at the hotel pool drinking from the bar.

The pool had a great bar and bartender who was very knowledgeable about allergies. I was able to enjoy a frozen mango margarita free of dairy! I wanted to note that the hotel has a proper restaurant but it had very limited options for my allergies, so I didn't get to eat there.

  • Picked up lunch from Chef Tanya's Kitchen again! This time I got the Coachella Forever salad.

  • Got ready and walked around downtown Palm Springs to check out some vintage shops!

  • Got dinner at Pepper's Thai in downtown Palm Springs.

The employees were great and are able to modify just about anything to fit your dietary restrictions! I got the vegan pad see ew and it was so delish!

Seating was restricted due to COVID when we went, but as of March 2022, there are no more restrictions!

  • Got drinks at Tropicale--such a cool vibe! Highly recommend for drinks and photos.

Got the mojito--so good!!

  • We would've loved to have gone to a drag show at the nearby Toucans as well, but they were not open when we were in town.

  • Ended the night with vegan & gluten-free dole whip from Lappert's Ultra Premium Ice Cream !

Day 3

  • Picked up some overnight oats from the nearby Ralph's grocery store and enjoyed these by the pool.

  • Packed up, checked out, and drove the 3 hours back to LA! :)

Thanks so much for reading and be sure to follow me on the Spokin app to see all my reviews and to follow me on Instagram @tsoyum and on Facebook! Feel free to message me if you have any questions. - Jenna

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