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apple pie overnight oats 🧡

Updated: Dec 24, 2021

It's finally fall and I am feeling so inspired to get creative with more recipes and cook with seasonal produce! I wanted to start October off with a delicious breakfast recipe. In all honesty, I'm not a huge fan of oatmeal. I think it's pretty boring and I prefer to have more savory breakfasts in general...BUT, this apple pie-inspired overnight oatmeal is full of flavor, easy, healthy, and allergy-friendly! This is also great to meal prep--just multiple the recipe by how many servings you need. If you give it a try, please send me a picture of it or tag me on Instagram @tsoyum :)


Makes 1 serving

Prep time: 15 minutes

Best if chilled in fridge overnight/at least for 30 minutes!


-1/2 cup of rolled oats

-3/4 cup of non-dairy milk of choice (oatmilk works great!)

-1 tbsp cinnamon (or more if you love cinnamon like me ;) )

-1.5 tbsp of chia seeds

-1/2 medium-sized apple of choice

-1 tsp vegan butter/coconut oil

-1 tsp lemon juice

-2 tsp maple syrup

-2 tbsp vegan vanilla protein powder (optional--just makes it more filling)



1. Heat a skillet over medium heat

2. Chop up your apple into small pieces

3. Add your vegan butter/coconut oil to the pan along with 1 tsp maple syrup and the lemon juice

4. Add your diced up apple to the pan and stir for about a minute

5. Add as much cinnamon as you want to the apple mixture and then stir to ensure it is evenly coated

6. Leave the apple mixture in the pan to soften for 6-8 more minutes or until the apple reaches your desired softness

7. In a bowl or jar, mix together your oats, chia seeds, milk, and protein powder (if you're using any). If you like your oats to be more liquid-y, then add more milk.

8. Store the oats and apple in the fridge (I recommend storing separately) and enjoy together the next morning cold or hot! I prefer mine heated up in the microwave :)

*Chopped pecans/walnuts or a drizzle of nut/sunflower butter would be amazing on top of this as well!

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