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vegan poke bowl

Updated: Dec 24, 2021

This bowl is packed with flavor and a great option for anyone with a fish/shellfish allergy! If you're afraid of tofu for whatever reason, you can easily substitute tempeh or beans instead. To be honest, I'm not the biggest tofu fan but if you make this recipe, you'll see how crispy, easy to make, and delicious it is!

Total Time: (without pressing tofu) 15 minutes

Makes 3 Servings


-1 1/2 cups brown rice/grain of choice

-1 block of organic extra firm tofu

-3/4 cup shelled edamame

-3 cups of mixed greens

-3 tbsp pickled ginger

-3 tbsp pickled red onion (optional)

-1 tbsp green onion

-1 tbsp sesame seeds (optional)

-1 tbsp oil of choice

cucumber salad:

-1/2 cucumber

-4 tbsp rice vinegar

-1 tbsp cilantro

tofu marinade:

-1 tsp cornstarch

-2 tbsp hoisin sauce

-1 tbsp low sodium soy sauce or coconut aminos

-1 tbsp water

-1 tbsp minced garlic

-1 tbsp rice vinegar

-1 tsp onion powder

-1 tsp crushed red pepper flakes



1. Press the tofu by first draining the tofu package of excess liquid and placing the tofu on either a dish towel. Place another towel on top of the tofu. Place a heavy object (cast iron skillet, heavy baking tray, heavy bottle on top of a cutting board) flat on top of the towel to press the liquid out of the tofu. This is crucial for getting the tofu nice and crispy later--it's recommended to do this overnight but doing this for even 10 minutes will make a difference

2. In a large bowl, combine the cornstarch, hoisin sauce, soy sauce, water, minced garlic, rice vinegar, onion powder, and red pepper flakes

3. Cut the tofu into 1 inch cubes

4. Add the tofu cubes to the marinade and mix well, making sure the tofu is evenly coated

5. Drizzle a tbsp of oil in a pan over medium heat and once hot, add the marinated tofu cubes

6. Stir and flip the tofu every so often, keeping an eye on it to make sure all sides of the cubes get crispy, about 8 minutes

7. For the cucumber salad, slice up half of a cucumber into thin slices and add to a separate bowl with the 4 tbsp of rice vinegar and cilantro. Mix well

8. Now, you're ready to assemble your poke bowl! Add your cooked grain of choice, mixed greens, cooked tofu, pickled ginger, cucumber salad pickled onions, edamame, green onion, and sesame seeds to a bowl

9. Drizzle over some soy sauce for more flavor if desired + enjoy

*some crushed up seaweed sheets would be great on top of this as well*

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